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The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube Acid Techno & Acid Techno YT Video Playlists -

YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 0                                              YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 1

YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 2                                              YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 3

YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 4                                              YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 5

YT Playlist - Video Acid Techno - Part 6                                              YT Playlist - Acid Techno 2019

YT Playlist - Acid Techno 2020                                              YT Playlist - Acid Techno 2021

YT Playlist - Acid Techno 2022                                              YT Playlist - Acid Techno 2023

YT Playlist - Energetic Vortex                                              YT Playlist - ReBirth- RB338 songs 01

Underground Acid Techno Video

ytacid.png In the period of the Acid House, the resolution of the videos where in low resolution, for example see the Atari videos I made (scroll down) and this was in full screen ! Also video software was very slow and for the more trippy videos was hardware used, real time mixers and effects. Nowadays this is so different, we have fast computers and full HD. For higher resolutions the software is to slow (again). The software nowadays has more effects and almost real time editing, almost brings back the old benefits of the hardware video mixer. I stared an Acid Techno group in Facebook special for videos, for Psy-Trance there are many video groups, but not for Acid music there where none. And there are so much fantastic clips to find online. The video playlists are a selection of all the videos posted on this group in the facebook period of 2018 till now, but some of the clips are older. Subscrib my @mnx2010 YT channel for more !

- YouTube Acid Techno Video Channels (selection) -

Free Video Software & Render Software
To make your own videos you need a fast computer, good software and a good quality Full HD camera. You can work in lower resolutions, but the software nowadays will work fine in Full HD. There is a lot of free video software & render software to make fractals (3D) or render your own 3D virtual world. If you collected enough video material, you can start mixing it, in a video editor like Adobe Premiere. Here some links to make your own videos and complete theme for free. (freeware)

3D Fractal >>       Mandelbulb3D       Mandelbulb       JWildfire
VSDC       Lightworks       Shotcut       << Video Editor
Rendering 3D >>       Blender       D5 Render       Wings 3d

My first ATARI ST Movies (Low Res 320x200 pix - full size)
aarde afdal Allah
Old practise Videos with Psychedelic Music

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