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-> In the beginning there was underground Acid and become underground Techno. In the old days, the line between Acid and Techno was not as sharp as it is today, There was Techno with 303 filters and Acid without. But now we have Acid Techno, the best of the two in one style. I love the pumping Techno beat and the screaming of the 303 together. hqdefault In Acid Techno there are also different styles, the more Funky & Groovy and more Experimental & Acid-Core style. Within the limits of the extreme, we simply want danceable music, and go for the experience of the human mystique of our dancing ancestors.         03-03-21 DJ ShamanX


Global Acid Network
Acid Techno and Underground Dance
often have to do with a low rankings in SocialMedia, especially on FaceBook & YouTube, important channels for Acid Techno. So we need an online network to promote Underground Acid Music !

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For more about Acid Techno go to wikipedia link
info > Acid Techno      info > Acid House

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anim022 Announcement

Welcome to this site, There is hardly an acid techno online community. You can find a handful of acid sites and there are a few that support acid as a genre. Although online there is a lot of acid info, video's, tracks and producers, it is spread and sometimes hard to find. This site will contribute to bring it more together.
This site changes from time to time, and I don't know which way it will go.
I think it will someware find its final form. The design is not static and can change really easy, like Lego ! So I am open for ideas & suggestions.

Please sign my Acid Techno Guestbook !
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Acid Techno - Important Links

TB 303 sounds, 303 clones, 303 software > < (RIP) Acid hardware info (
DJ sets, Acid Tracks, Acid Styles > < Download Underground Music - Acid Style
Buy your TB & TR Replica > Shop < Rebirth 338 x64 - (WIN7/8/10)(MAC-Wine)
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TB303 / TR808 / TR909

     The TB-303 (Source wikipedia) was designed by Tadao Kikumoto , who also designed the Roland TR-909 & TR-808 drum machine. It came out on the market in 1982. It was marketed as a "computerised bass machine" to replace the bass guitar. it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984. However, cheap second-hand units were adopted by electronic musicians, and its "squelching" or "chirping" sound became a foundation of electronic dance music.

     The TR-808 (Source wikipedia) is a drum machine manufactured by Roland between 1980 and 1983. It was one of the first drum machines to allow users to program rhythms instead of using preset patterns. Unlike its nearest competitor at the time, the more expensive Linn LM-1, the 808 generates sounds using analogue synthesis.

The TR-909 (Source wikipedia) is a drum machine manufactured by Roland in 1983. It succeeded the TR-808, and was the first Roland drum machine to use samples for some sounds. It was also the first Roland drum machine with MIDI functionality, allowing it to synchronize with other devices. Though it was a commercial failure, the 909 became influential in the development of electronic dance music genres such as techno, house and acid.

More Articles about the TB-303 > Roland TB-303 Bass Line > Roland TB-303




TR 808


Roland TB 303

303 / 808 / 909 Clones


Nothing can beat the original TB / TR Hardware because of the authentic analogue sound. But actually the best 303 & 909 are replicas, the RE-303 & RE-909. So with clones and you have many, try to sound like the original 303, but it is often not the "real" sound. The best clone in my opinion is the AVALON. The second is the XOXBOX (Andy Pledger Built), In third place the Braintec TB3, both because of the excellent sound quality. For the 909 clones, the best clone is the 9090 PROJECT, a 909 DIY (self build kit). Second place the SR-909. In third place YOMOX Drumsynthesizers.

For 303 / 808 / 909 Clones Links
> AVALON    > XOXBOX    > Braintec    > 9090(RIP)    > Yomox

TB303 & Clones Effects

bossod200mnx      For further enhancing of the 303 sound, a distortion or overdrive is usually used or a similar effect. To get a good overview of which analog pedal best suits your personal 303 sound, there are several comparison sites and YT movies (see the YT playlist below on the right). It is important to hear these pedals in combination with a 303, because a guitar has a completely different character and output voltage. For example, there are pedals that sound good on a guitar but not on the 303 and vice versa. The pedal / effect must therefore sound good in the basics, but it is also important that the sound has various possibilities to distort the sound. Tech21VTBassDImx Not all effects with many buttons meet this requirement, but they do increase the possibility of performance. Effects with 2 knobs, mostly volume and tune, is very poor, but there are few where most options actually improve the 303 sound. After all, most pedals / effects are developed for guitar and bass guitar. Also special effects have been developed for the 303. They are rare and often expensive. But luckily there are also a number of good pedals / effects for both guitar and 303. Varying from 60 to 300 euros. Here's a selection of the best 303 distortions and links to help you with your choice. Left and right the two best in the test: Boss OD200 & Tech21 VT Bass DI, are the most expensive (300 euros). One of the cheapest and in third place is the Boss OS-2 (100 Euro), see below.
     303 Distortion Tests : > 303 Best Distortion (RIP) > 303 Effects

ODB3mnx mxr_mnx sd2mnx.gif egodriver2 BossOS2mnx bigmufmx
Boss ODB 3             MXR Distortion +              Boss SD 2              Ego Driver               Boss OS 2                                Big Muff
The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube 303 Clones & Clone Effects Playlists -

TB/RE-303 / TR/RE-909 / TR/RE-808 - Original & Replica


The Din Sync Re-303 isn't just a replica of the the Roland TB-303 Bassline, it's even better. You feel it when you work with it, even when you hold it in your hands, this is top quality ! The RE-303 is made of best durable parts and the case is made of aluminum.Din Sync used for the electronica parts (you have to order the rare parts separately) only the best and that is reflected in the sound and has also midi.

You have 3 CPU types for the RE-303 & TB-303
  • The Pixie CPU, the same as the original TB, programed by Roland with only midi Sync in. As DIY kit and manufactured.
    Out now ! New firmware version 1.4.3 for PIXIE CPU. For the RE-303 & RE-808 and RE-606, the midi-in (note) works well.
  • The Sonic Potions with lots of midi possibilities (note I/O, accent & slide) and data dumps. Also randomizer and other pro-
    graming extra’s. Manufactured by Sonic Potions. Some complain about instability of the track edit, but it is under development.
  • The Quicksilver CPU Upgrades your TB/RE. With new live performance functions and equipped with USB connectivity for OS upgrades and USB MIDI. can send and receive MIDI notes and MIDI clock. Unfortunately the Quicksilver is no longer made.

For the RE-303 parts is the 2sc1583 VCF, I believe is seen as the kit with the best acid sound. These are the most important parts
you need : Transistors (2SC2291, 3x 2SC1583, 2SK30A-O, LA4140, 8x 2sc2021R.) and IC like the famous BA662 VCA chip.
RE-303 is available as a DIY kit, the price including case is about 600 euros, Manufactured are they available for
between 909 euros and 1100 euros. The Quicksilver & Sonic Potions CPU cost both for about 100 euros. re303fluorsm re909sm

The RE-909 basis kit cost 379,27 Euro and the RE-909 case kit 300 euro, but you also need
the 909 style caps and IC like the famous BA662 VCA chip. All the parts are the same as the original.
The RE-909 is currently only available as a DIY kit and costs around 800 euros complete.

808resm The RE-808 is out now !

808 day : August 8, 2021 the RE-808 was released, the latest contribution from Dinsync ! For 419,19 Euro you have the basic DIY kit (It is currently Out of stock) and you also need the order the RE-808 case, you can sign up for info mail. So there is a waiting list for that.Also update your PIXIE CPU firmware version 1.4.3 for PIXIE CPU. for midi-in (note) RE-808 intruments.

The DIY kit is 1 : 1, a real replica and at the back is a switch so you can choose between midi and sync. All instruments have a separate outputs. It also needs the pixieRECPU and BA662, you have to order it separately. I estimate that the price is around 808 euros, complete. The black aluminum case looks fantastic, wow !

   Dinsync shop    Info    Forum    Forum NL   

For RE DIY kits (+parts) and manufactured Links
> DIY Manual    > Case kits RE-303/909/808    > RE-303 DIY shop    > Quicksilver    > Sonic-Potions    >

The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube TB-303 & RE-303 / TR-909 & RE-909 / TR-808 & RE-808 Playlists -

303 / 808 / 909 Software


The best 303 emulation software until now is the Transistor Bass, all most the same sound as the TB (see software playlist) there is only two problems, it is expensive (70 euro) and only for FL studio, But if you are already working with Fl-Studio, it is a must have ! The second software synthesiser who made people on the web enthusiastic, is the ABL3, the new version of the ABL2. The same goes for D16 - Phoscyon. All these 303 software cost money, from a few euro's to 70 euro. Rebirth (x64) is for free and works on WIN XP/7/8/10 and with wine on Mac and more, here for free to download (see top menu-Tab RB338). You can do your own rebirthing for free ! I also stared with Rebirth, here you can do your real acid test and find out your own acid music. Also Rebirth can used as vst plugin with Rewire (64), Rebirth is still one of the best 303 plugins there is. Or with a older version of Reason. (input machine) With Remaker you can convert you rebirth song into midi.
Alien303sm I use Rebirth as a sequencer for my tracks and work them out in Cubase. Acid Machine 2 has a nice acid sound and can load Rebirth patterns, but sadly not the Rebirth songs. And okay I also add Roland cloud, while the firm Roland forcibly banned Rebirth on the Ipad & Iphone at its height. But they are still the parents of the TB & TR. They get good reviews, but I think it will not be cheap.

KVR audio 303 Forums > TB-303 Emulators
For other 303 software
info > Roland Cloud      info > Blogosaur






The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube 303 Software & Rebirth338 Playlists -

- Sound Cloud Acid Techno Music Channels (selection) -




Acid Techno - Social Media & Music sites

facebook In social media, that applies to all of them : the AI is only looking for money pits, not for quality, so the activity's in the acid posts & groups give low ratings.

 FaceBook - The only social media I know with a lot of Acid groups is Facebook, but FB sucks ! It is not realy something for Underground Acid. But if you can live with that, FB gives a lot of info old and new tracks, events, etc.

 YouTube - First of all the search engine sucks ! Pretty strange for a search engine giant like google. It's as user-unfriendly as it gets. Although better than FB, you will find more Acidtracks, the low ranking applies also for Youtube, sometimes I find real cool acid tracks with a few views ! Only if you know the right tricks or have a lot of patience, you can make success on YT. So it is time to do something about this and create a YT network for Acid Techno Music.

 Twitter - Twitter also has groups these days, it still has to take off a bit, and the first acid groups trickle in. It's clearly an improvement for the acid network, because here the search engine sucs also !

 SoundCloud - Soundcloud's search engine actually works quite well, so you found something quickly (see SC list). But here there is more of a lack of network, which did exist and ran very well. But unfortunately there was pulled out the plug. But still a good place for underground Acid Techno.

So my experience with social media is not always positive, and if you make music you have to. There are not many acid related sites or music sites with an acid genre.
Resent (RIP) has gone offline with an acid genre and also (RIP) has gone offline, a heavy blow for the acid online community. From one day to the next the sites no longer existed. went to YT but their site is no more.

For other sites with Acid (techno) genre
> Facebook    > Bandcamp    > Freeteknomusic    > (RIP)

- Twitter Acid Techno Music Channels (selection) -

acidtechnotxt star mnx Complement to Social & Music
sites without Acid genre

For Acid related sites, Mixes, Channels, Video Playlist,
contact me. Click on my Email in the bottom of the site.

Or place your contribution in my Acid Techno Guestbook !
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Acid Techno Mixes

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