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Underground Acid Techno


-> In the beginning there was underground Acid and become underground Techno. In the old days, the line between Acid and Techno was not as sharp as it is today, There was Techno with 303 filters and Acid without. But now we have Acid Techno, the best of the two in one style. I love the pumping Techno beat and the screaming of the 303 together. hqdefault In Acid Techno there are also different styles, the more Funky & Groovy and more Experimental & Acid-Core style. Within the limits of the extreme, we simply want danceable music, in search of the human mystique of our dancing ancestors.        03-03-21 DJ ShamanX

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withhole 2022 Acid Year!

I try to finish this site before January 2022, because of two important birthdays, one of the TB-303, the other of Rebirth Rb338. The TB-303 was designed by Tadao Kikumoto and came out in 1982, I don't know what month, but in 2022, the TB will turn 40 years old ! Rebirth came out in 17-05-97, so in May 2022 - 25 years old, a day to celebrate, with parties and workshops...
Until that time this site is under construction.

anim022 Announcement

Welcome to this site, sadly there are only a few sites for Underground Acid Techno so there is not really a online community, So I hope to make a tribute here. So the site is still under construction, and I don't know what way it will go, but I think with some perseverance, it will find its final form. The design is not static, but can change really easy, like Lego ! So I am open for suggestions & ideas. For a real contribution I will add you name to the article.
For contact click on my email address in the bottom of the site.

TB303 / TR808 / TR909

     The TB-303 (Source wikipedia) was designed by Tadao Kikumoto , who also designed the Roland TR-909 & TR-8080 drum machine. It came out on the market in 1982. It was marketed as a "computerised bass machine" to replace the bass guitar. it was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 1984. However, cheap second-hand units were adopted by electronic musicians, and its "squelching" or "chirping" sound became a foundation of electronic dance music.

     The TR-808 (Source wikipedia) is a drum machine manufactured by Roland between 1980 and 1983. It was one of the first drum machines to allow users to program rhythms instead of using preset patterns. Unlike its nearest competitor at the time, the more expensive Linn LM-1, the 808 generates sounds using analogue synthesis.

The TR-909 (Source wikipedia) is a drum machine manufactured by Roland in 1983. It succeeded the TR-808, and was the first Roland drum machine to use samples for some sounds. It was also the first Roland drum machine with MIDI functionality, allowing it to synchronize with other devices. Though it was a commercial failure, the 909 became influential in the development of electronic dance music genres such as techno, house and acid.

More Articles about the TB-303 > Roland TB-303 Bass Line > Roland TB-303

TR 808



Roland TB 303

303 / 808 / 909 Hardware


Nothing can beat the original TB / TR Hardware because of the authentic analogue sound. They used for the electronica parts only the best and that is reflected in the sound. So with clones and you have many, try to sound like the original 303, but it is often not the "real" sound. Actually the best 303 and 909 are replicas. The RE-303, with the best parts, maybe even better than the original and has also midi. The 9090 Project is the 909 replica, there both self build kits. The second in the list is in my opinion the XOXbox (Andy Pledger Built) and the AVALON, because of the excellent sound quality. For the drum-clones, I personal think Yomox is the best in this. (For more links see top menu Extra).

The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube 303 Clones & Clone Effects Playlists -

303 / 808 / 909 Software


The best 303 emulation software until now is the Transistor Bass, all most the same sound as the TB (see software playlist) there is only two problems, it is expensive (70 euro) and only for FL studio, But if you are already working with Fl-Studio, it is a must have ! The second software synthesiser who made people on the web enthusiastic, is the ABL3, the new version of the ABL2. The same goes for D16 - Phoscyon. All these 303 software cost money, from a few euro's to 70 euro. Rebirth (x64) is for free and works on WIN XP/7/8/10 and with wine on Mac and more, here for free to download (see top menu-Tab RB338). You can do your own rebirthing for free ! I also stared with Rebirth, here you can do your real acid test and find out your own acid music. Also Rebirth can used as vst plugin with Rewire (64), Rebirth is still one of the best 303 plugins there is. Or with a older version of Reason. (input machine) With Remaker you can convert you rebirth song into midi.
Alien303sm I use Rebirth as a sequencer for my tracks and work them out in Cubase. Acid Machine 2 has a nice acid sound and can load Rebirth patterns, but sadly not the Rebirth songs. And okay I also add Roland cloud, while the firm Roland forcibly banned Rebirth on the Ipad & Iphone at its height. But they are still the parents of the TB & TR. They get good reviews, but I think it will not be cheap.

KVR audio 303 Forums > TB-303 Emulators
For other 303 software
info > Roland Cloud      info > Blogosaur


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The playlist will play all video clips automatically in order. (new one first) - YouTube 303 Software & Rebirth338 Playlists -

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Acid Techno in Social Media


The only social media I know with a lot of Acid groups is Facebook, but FB sucks ! It is not something for Underground Acid, the AI of FB is only looking for money pits, not for quality, so the activity's in the acid groups give low ratings. But if you can live with that, FB gives a lot of info new and old tracks, events, etc. Although Youtube is better, the same applies to Youtube, sometimes I find cool acid tracks with a few views ! Only if you know the right tricks you can make success on YT. So it is time to do something about this and start a independent network for Acid Techno Music. A special for Social Media sites or music sites without the acid genre. Resent has gone offline with an acid genre (RIP), a heavy blow for the acid online community. From one day to the next the site no longer existed, all that info, work and all that acid music gone ! Also went offline because the database was crashed, but there back ! You have send your links @ email, the same for my site, but I happy the site still exist. There are not many acid related sites or music sites with an acid genre. So my experience with social media is not really positive, and if you make music you have to, but I use FB always to find the latest tracks and party information. But I love Youtube for real, it is so big !

For other sites with Acid (techno) genre
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> (RIP) with acid genre (

- Twitter Acid Techno Music Channels (selection) -

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So this is it for now. Maybe in the Future I will add more input.

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